PiBox Devices

PiBox devices are the hardware on which PiBox Systems are designed to run.  While PiBox is built for Raspberry Pi’s, there is more to a PiBox System than just the SBC.  Webcam’s, displays, keyboards – these are all specific for use with PiBox Systems.


The PiBox Project does not receive payment for hardware recommendations.

PiBox Development System

PiBox Developers have used wireless, handheld keyboards with theRaspberry Pi 7″ Touchscreen Display PiBox Development System however any wired keyboard should work as well.

The PiBox Development System is intended for use with any HDMI display. It expects a wired or wireless keyboard with or without a mouse.

PiBox Media System

The PiBox Media System is designed to work with any HDMI display.  A larger display is recommended but not required as the UI will resize to the display size. 

The Media System UI on a standard (non-touch) display is navigated using the arrow keys on a keyboard.  If the arrow keys don’t work, use ssh to login to the system and add support for the keyboard in the TBD file.

Any USB webcam that supports MJPEG video will work with the Media System.

PiBox Player System

Same as Media System

PiBox Kiosk System

The PiBox Kiosk System is designed specifically for use with the Raspberry Pi 7″ Touchscreen Display. It may work with other small touchscreens but the touch library (found in libpibox) will need updating to support the specific display.

No keyboard is required to use the PiBox Kiosk System.

Pibox AutoKiosk System

The PiBox AutoKiosk System is designed to work with any HDMI display, specifically with projectors.  There is no recommended projector, however.

PiBox PiSentry System

The PiBox PiSentry System is designed for use with a specific 3.5″ LCD touchscreen display and case.  Other touchscreens could be used but will likely require customization of either the lcdShow package (if the touchscreen is an LCD display) or the touchscreen library (in libpibox).

Any USB webcam that supports MJPEG video will work with the Media System.

PiBox PiStore System

Although providing a completely different function, the PiBox PiStore System is designed for use on the same hardware used for the PiSentry System.