PiBox 2.0.0 – The Harkonnen Release

It’s been another long road – 3 years this time.  But it’s time for a new release:  V2.0.0 – The Harkonnen Release. Harkonnen are bad guys but that’s no reflection on this release.  It’s just an interesting name.  Like Muad’Dib.

This release is focused on expanding the available PiBox Systems and devices along with stability improvements.  Other improvements include a simpler network configuration tool that uses WiFi AP mode to configure nodes and an improved build environment based on Docker.

This time around I created a detailed set of test plans, which helped in stability updates.  I’ve also written some very slim documentation for the various old and new system releases and updated the web site.  Once again, testing and documentation took a big chuck of my time.  In this case, nearly a year.  A one man show is hard to move quickly, despite what some people say.

The Release Announcement has the specifics, and it’s not likely that anyone will use this, so I’m not going to waste much time explaining why this is such a great thing.  But it is.  And it’s been fun putting it all together.

But time is running out for me.  I’m getting older and looking at alternative projects to entertain me into my retirement.  That’s not happening for a few more years but it’s time to start planning for it.  So I need to find someone to hand PiBox off to. It’s either that, or close it down.

I’ve given myself three years to do one more release, and then either anoint a new lead developer or wrap things up.  So if anyone out there is listening:  here’s your chance to pick up a ready made project just itching to find a better marketer than me.

So once again, there it is. Dig in. Try it out. Blast me for wasting your time and tell me how I can make it better. Politely. I have feelings too.

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