It’s been another long road – 3 years this time.  But it’s time for a new release:  V2.0.0 – The Harkonnen Release. Harkonnen are bad guys but that’s no reflection on this release.  It’s just an interesting name.  Like Muad’Dib. This release is focused on expanding the available PiBox Systems […]

PiBox 2.0.0 – The Harkonnen Release

It’s been a long time coming – nearly four years, if you’re counting – but a new major release of PiBox is now available.  This release adds not just features and apps galore, but completes systems: Media, Kiosk and Auto-Kiosk.  And there are releases for manual installation along with ready […]

PiBox 1.1.0 – the Atreides Plus release