Announcing the version 0.11.0 release

PiBox Media Center v0.11.0 Release Notes


The PiBox Media Center v0.11.0 binary releases are now available for download.  This release represents the first public release that will be demo’d at this weeks Maker Faire in Colorado Springs.  It’s focus has been on performance, usability and developer functionality.

Additional Information

General Status

PiBox Media Center is a consumer oriented distributions for distributed media playback in travel trailers without Intern et connectivity. The UI is based on GTK+ with Cairo and the system runs on the Raspberry Pi optimized PiBox Developemen t Platform distribution.

Highlights for this release include

  • Support for Raspberry Pi Model 2
  • A new app: picam (webcam on the connected monitor)
  • Switched VideoLib database to JSON and added support for TV series
  • Video selection now includes poster and series artwork plus summaries
  • Video playback now supports both HDMI and analog audio
  • Major performance improvements in the video front end app and webcam playback
  • Made fbturbo the default X server
  • New functionality and JSON support to libpibox
  • Minor UI cleanup including dropping the X cursor
  • Added support for multicast registration of IoT devices along with REST interface definition
  • Major code cleanup of Pibox Network Config and associated libpnc.
  • Upgrades to latest upstream firmware
  • Verified compatibility with available upstream rootfs packages
  • Bump cross toolchain gcc to 4.8.5
  • Improved metabuild for opkgs
  • Improved cross-toolchain builds for all opkgs
  • Updates to piboxd server unit tests

PiBox Media Player’s can now perform better in video selections as long as the VideoLib app was used to reduce the size of poster art.

Full release notes can be found in the formal announcement.

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