It’s been another long road – 3 years this time.  But it’s time for a new release:  V2.0.0 – The Harkonnen Release. Harkonnen are bad guys but that’s no reflection on this release.  It’s just an interesting name.  Like Muad’Dib. This release is focused on expanding the available PiBox Systems […]

PiBox 2.0.0 – The Harkonnen Release

It’s been a long time coming – nearly four years, if you’re counting – but a new major release of PiBox is now available.  This release adds not just features and apps galore, but completes systems: Media, Kiosk and Auto-Kiosk.  And there are releases for manual installation along with ready […]

PiBox 1.1.0 – the Atreides Plus release

Software is like Legos. You can stack and snap 'em together to build spaceships and giant buildings. As long as those things are virtual. But the important thing is stacking software. Without stacks. software is just a bunch of potential without any substance.

The PiBox Software Stack

The original design requirements for the PiBox Media Center were simple. Play video over wireless connections on HDMI interfaces. The goal was to be able to watch videos in our trailer.  In fact, we intended to watch videos on the side of our trailer.  We call it Drive In Movie […]

Scalability issues

One of the first apps to be developed for the PiBox Media Center was VideoFE.  This app provides an interface for users to select a video to play from a list of videos read from a database and also wraps the hardware accelerated omxplayer.  The UI is klunky in the […]

Kiosk mode for videofe

PiBox is many things: a core development platform, a media center, a UI, and a learning tool.  It’s also an infrastructure for application development. Most platforms have infrastructure support.  Android has an array of Java and C/C++ libraries.  Tizen has a build environment, but for the life of me I […]

Introduction to libpibox

The next meeting of the PiBox Developers Meetup is tomorrow at Library 21C from 6PM to 7:30PM.  We’ve got more RSVP’s than last month which means a good turnout is expected.  Based on feedback from the attendees at the first meeting we’ll be covering some code from PiBox, helping with […]

February PiBox Meetup is tomorrow